2018-12-26T05:47:22Z (GMT) by Rita Jaqueline Nogueira CHIAPETTI

ABSTRACT The inspiration for writing this poetic essay was the pictorial-poetic image of the Das Contas River, representing the landscapes drawn along its banks. The essay aims to make a geographical reading of this waterway, interpreting and analyzing its landscape, based on its pictorial representation. To and fro... from the source to the mouth ... or from west to east, the Das Contas River flows approximately 500 km in the Bahia, connecting three biomes: the Cerrado, the Caatinga and the Atlantic Forest. It is born on the Tromba mountain range in the municipality of Piatã, and flows into the Atlantic Ocean, in front of the city of Itacaré, in southern Bahia. These images were analyzed using the phenomenological method, relating their reading and interpretation to the understanding of the landscape as perceived by us and lived by the people who sail on its waters and inhabit its banks, going beyond reality to the meaning of the river, its essence. The main landscapes represented range from the green mountains of the Chapada Diamantina, passing through the yellow Caatinga of Bahia's hinterlands to the green landscape of the Cabruca Forests (an agro forestry system intercropping cocoa with the forest), in the Atlantic Forest on the south coast of Bahia.