geoeducation of religious representations

2018-12-26T02:47:31Z (GMT) by Christian Dennys Monteiro de Oliveira

AbstractThe equity representations of religious festival held in Huelva (Spain), on the occasion of the transfer of the image of the Virgin of Rocio seat of the county between August 2012 and May 2013 forms the basis of this reflection. The research collected opinions of teachers and students from two secondary schools in the locality, with the aim of characterizing the educational meanings of an extraordinary event and organizer of cultural expressions. Reading the geographical links between heritage and forms of dissemination (media and tourism), led us to develop the concept of “geoeducation”. Structured from the phenomenological perspectives of geographical readings provided by Dardel (2011) and Relph (2012), the “geoeducation” emerges not as a formal model to generate the sense of festive places rituality. Sense that responds to the recognition of vector symbolic forces (communicative, and scenographic tourist) - brokered by contemporary equity issue