geomorphological and morphometric characterization for finding tectonic activity

Abstract The present study refers to the geomorphological, morphostructural and morphometry characterization the onshore region of Jacumã chart (SB-25-Y-C-III-3-NE), located in the state of Paraíba, Northeast of Brazil. The use of GIS techniques for morphostructural evaluation, besides aiming to reinforce the hypothesis raised by previous studies, is considered relevant because the products generated are notables to concisely highlight the morphology of the relief, where the morphostructural influence in its configuration and arrangement is conspicuous. The techniques used in this study consisted of the elaboration and analysis of the hypsometric and declivity charts; as well as the analysis of the roughness and disposition of the relief, and the analysis of topographic profiles, morphometric calculations and 3D model generated in this study. For producing the above products were utilized manual vectorization in screen of Jacumã topographic chart with scale of 1:25,000 and equidistance between the level curves of 10 m, and Spring 5.1.7 free software. The results obtained from the analysis of the products showed that the configuration of the relief and hydrography of the whole area is linked to a morphostructural influence, incompatible with an evolution based solely on climatic aspects.