housing provision alternatives in Brazil, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom

2018-12-26T03:18:18Z (GMT) by Márcio Moraes Valença

In developed countries, such as the UK, France, Sweden and Canada, or even in less developed countries, such as India, Malaysia and China, there are systems of housing provision that include social rental housing as one of their major pillars. For different reasons, a mixed housing provision system is necessary, be that to promote homeownership or to promote rental housing – in private or public hands. In Brazil, however, there has been little effort to establish a proper public social rental housing system. This is less because of economic restrictions than for political and ideological reasons. This paper discusses two systems of housing provision in Brazil – that of the Armed Forces and the PAR (Programa de Arrendamento Residencial). Two other international social housing systems are analyzed – the one in the UK and the other in Hong Kong. The analysis of all four cases is here held in order to look for hints for the making of proposal for a social rental housing sector in Brazil. Several aspects were analyzed, especially their management formats, including repair and maintenance policies, that grant housing stocks longevity and resilience in the urban environment.